Owning up to our words

There is a very old and famous proverb that says, “Put your money where your mouth is.”   Or how about this one: “Walk the walk and not walk the talk.”  What am I beefing about today?  Very simple!

I am beefing about those who deliberately choose to say things and make accusations but when it comes down to the crunch they either do not put their names to their words or they run away saying that they have no comment.

This is what appears to have taken place in July of this year when a story surfaced about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau having been accused of inappropriately handling a young reporter at an event in British Columbia.  This incident allegedly took place in 2000.

It is all well and good to report incidents such as these and it does not matter who is the one that has been accused of this type of incident; from President or Prime Minister to the person on the street but when the accuser deliberately hides behind anonymity then here is where the concern arises.

Each time we utter words of accusation against someone else in public we unwittingly strike a blow against their reputation  and it is even more so if the person being accused is a public figure.  In my humble and respectful opinion, if someone is willing to share their story then they should definitely be prepared to own it.

There should be no excuse for anyone who makes an accusation then runs away and then says that they will not be commenting on their accusation.  This is what I call cowardly and mischievous.  If you make an accusation then own up to it and stand behind it.

Believe it or not, you only make yourself out to be a bit of a mischief maker if you fail to do this.

Just my two cents for today.

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