Communicating and educating

As the world continues  to battle for its collective life against the Covid choke hold; it can be agreed that for persons with disabilities the fight is even more acute and the need to communicate and educate is even more so important these days.

We are living in an era where the importance of being able to decipher authentic information has become a daily concern and communicating said type of information and being able to use said type of information to ensure that one stays on track is simply a must.

For Canadians with disabilities; we need to be able to communicate with all levels of government.  We need to have a two way communication and collaboration whereby they will provide us with reliable information but most of all on a timely basis and that the information shared will reflect transparency and accountability.

The communication of information can be easily used to educate Canadians with disabilities in so many ways.  There can be enormous benefits to fostering an environment of communicating and educating and I can only put out a call for all levels of government to consider this.

Let’s think of it like this!  When we communicate we also educate and education is always used to help someone to learn, understand, and to make informed decisions.

I will go one step further by submitting that communicating and educating should not be driven by the present Covid situation.  In fact, the challenges of Covid should be used as a lesson to everyone.  To all levels of government to confirm and emphasize the importance of communicating and educating  and to Canadians with disabilities to demand that all levels of government engage more fully in communicating and educating.

Just my two cents for today.

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