What happens when a customer service rep offers a reckless message

I can tell you that when you have customer reps who simply do not think before they deliver the message, more often than not it leads to some big time damage for a company.

This is what happened in mid November of 2021 when I phoned the accessibility centre at Bell Canada to ask how I would go about retrieving phone messages from my inbox in Toronto from outside of North America.  The rep’s response simply left me shaking my head.

She told me that I did not need to retrieve phone messages while I was away from home because  I should simply forget about messages while being away.

When I told her that I would need to respond to any important phone messages if there were any, she simply told me that I should just forget about these messages.  In addition, she told me that there was no way for me to retrieve phone messages from outside of North America through the Bell Canada network.

I was simply horrified and when I got to my destination then lo and behold!  I found a way to retrieve my phone messages.

The lesson here is that Bell Canada needs to provide its customer reps with information that is accurate but above all; they should be training their customer reps to be more professional when dealing with customers.

Just my two cents for today.

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