How important is setting an example?

Believe it or not; each time we clap, smile, laugh, cry, or do anything else in the presence of a baby; we are setting an example for them.  Each time we say anything in ear shot of a child who has developed the ability to understand, comprehend, or even the skill to mimic the actions of others; we are setting an example.

However it goes much further than this.  We even set the example for our fellow adults each time they pay attention to what we are saying and doing.  Indeed, each time we even breathe so to speak, we are setting the example for someone else.

This is why I truly believe that there is great importance to be placed in setting an example.  It is hoped that we can set good examples for those around us but at the same time we often fail to realize when we either purposely or inadvertently set a bad example.

Setting an example is often ignored when we fail to either control our emotions or actions or whenever we fail to remember that there are onlookers who are listening, watching, and taking notes.

Kids cry when they see us cry and they are very quick to emulate our emotions.  Likewise for when we smile, laugh, or lose control of our tempers and emotions.

Adults do the same; often taking our examples much further as part of their daily lives.  Come to think of it, much crime can almost be attributed to examples that have been set by others.

So for what it is worth; let’s start taking more care each time we act or speak. Let’s plan our actions and reactions more carefully and let us not forget that from the youngest to the oldest; everyone is paying attention in some way, shape, or form.

Just my two cents for today.

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