Picking up the shattered pieces of a dream – possible? yes!

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Today, I am pleased to share our president’s weekly editorial with you and for today our president Donna J. Jodhan discusses picking up the shattered pieces of a dream.

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Picking up the shattered pieces of a dream

By Donna J. Jodhan

When we dream we never know whether or not if the said dream will come true.  We dream for most of our lives; as toddlers, as kids, as teens, and as adults.

Many times, we carry our dreams into our golden years and even then we either realize them or give up on them.

When I was quite young, I dreamed of being a lawyer but alas!  As a blind/vision impaired child aspiring to this there were too many barriers for me to overcome.

First, those artificial barriers where the attitude for a blind/vision impaired person wanting to be a lawyer were tremendously high and the negativity was simply unbearable. Next there was a very horrifying attitude that women should not be allowed to practice as lawyers.

So with my childhood dream shattered I obtained my Master’s degree in Business Administration from McGill University in Montreal and from there I became a systems engineer, obtained various other certifications along the way and my most recent conquest was the obtaining of an Apple Certified Support Professional certification from Apple.

With a life rich in academic studies I still aspired to become a lawyer and I am delighted to share that after picking up one of the shattered pieces of my dream, I finally obtained my degree.

In December 2021 I graduated with my LLB degree from the University of London England and thanks from undying support from my mom and late brother Robert who opened the door to my journey, and friends, such as Sambhavi, Andrew, and my coach Davina, I am now the proud and humbled owner of said degree.

I guess that my respectful words of wisdom would be to never give up on a dream if it means anything to you.  I have my LLB and although I am not planning to become an attorney, this shattered piece has now become a sparkling diamond for me!

Just my two cents for today.

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