What happens after stepping out of the limelight?

This is something that many of our athletes often have to deal with when their careers come to an end and o yes!  Let us not forget the politicians, businessmen, and others whose careers have been filled with limelight activities but after they retire it is a much different story.

The picture is something like this!  Here today and gone tomorrow!  One minute you are the favorite of adoring fans and the next you are the forgotten!  One minute you are crowded by fans screaming for your attention and begging for your autograph and the next you are just like the rest of us; just another person walking along.

I know that for many athletes, it is something that is a continuing challenge for them.  One morning they wake up at the top of the world so to speak.  They have an adoring group of fans following them and they can practically do no wrong if they play their cards right.  Their careers are closely followed and people can’t wait to read the next headline about them.

This goes on for a few years and for the most part athletes simply bask in the spotlight but then one day it all comes to an end and it is the day that most of them have not probably prepared for.

As a result, they find themselves dealing with feelings of emptiness, desertion, loneliness, and a huge hole to fill.  The fans are no longer screaming.  The headlines no longer carry their names and news about them, and now it is time for a new life.  One where the athlete now has to retool his path and discover a new one.

It is time for a change but worry not!  Most athletes can probably use their past experiences, skills, and life as athletes to carve out something new and exciting for themselves.

One of my first thoughts would be for them to become teachers and instructors in their field but these are only just two of my personal suggestions.  The world is theirs and much to go out there and take advantage of.

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