Great persons are so hard to find

Yes, they are and when you find them just appreciate them, love them, and just wish they stay close to you for as long as they can.

This is how I feel when I remember the late Kathy Gooch!  One of the finest ladies that I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting so many years ago.  Not just a lady; but one of the  finest Human beings that ever came into my life.

Kathy was the admin assistant to my former MP Jim Karygiannis for many years and after Jim departed Federal politics and became a municipal counsellor for my ward in 2014, Kathy followed him and remained as his admin assistant until her sudden passing a few weeks ago.

Kathy Gooch was not just a committed and dedicated admin assistant to her boss; she was so much more.  She was a friend to all of her boss’s constituents.  She always went way beyond the call of duty to ensure that everything was just right.

It was never out of the ordinary to have Kathy either email or call me well past working hours on a week day or even on a weekend whenever I reached out to Jim’s office for help.  She was always there for me and never seemed to run out of ideas when we happened to stumble upon a road block.

Her sunny attitude and a better than possible outlook are two very important things that I shall always remember about this remarkable person.  Most important of all, I shall for ever remember her for what she stood for; a greater than healthy work ethic, and a huge propensity to engage in healthy political debates whenever she could take the time to do so.

Rest in Peace Kathy!  Thank you for having come into my life and all that I ask now of you is that you watch over me and continue to guide me along the path of life.

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