Can we clean up our politics?

This may be easier said than done but maybe and just maybe this is why it is becoming more and more difficult to attract younger persons to this arena.  As it stands today, our politics does not seem to be a very attractive place to be these days.

These comments do not refer to any country in particular; it seems to be worldwide.  From the tiny peaceful islands in the Caribbean to the United States and Canada and then on across the pond, the mud slinging, dishonesty, and corruption continue to be rampant.

How can we stop any or most of this?  How can we convince our politicians that when they stand on platforms, they need to be extremely careful what they say and how they say it?  How do we convince them that every action they take when they are in office these actions are not just theirs but alas!  They represent the overall actions of their parties, their governments, and their country?

The overall picture at the present time paints one of men and women who unfortunately cannot be counted as role models to others.  They cannot be classified as mentors to others and above all!  They cannot be people who our younger generation can look up to.

Just my two cents worth for today.

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