Too much noise

Believe it or not there was definitely a time when we could hear ourselves think for those very precious few minutes.  A time when the world was much quieter, there was much less activity but in essence we were much further away from each other distance wise.  That is, it took longer to travel from place to place when it came to air travel.

Fast forward to at least 3 decades later and now travel time between destinations has been cut drastically thanks to faster aircrafts and improved technology.  This has made the world much smaller so to speak and let’s throw in the advent of social media, emails, the cell phone and o yes!  The good old Internet.

This has all combined to improve things for almost all of us but along with it has come the arrival of much more noise!  Gone are the days of writing letters and sending greeting cards in the mail.  Gone are the days of making those weekly long distance calls via land lines to be replaced by technology that brings us much closer to each other but along with it has come more noise; both natural and the so-called white noise.

For me, I have to sheepishly admit that it is a bit too much noise for me.  Sometimes the noise is just so great that I cannot even hear myself think let alone hear my poor old heart beat!

Just my two cents for today.

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