Let us take time to enjoy each other – help to reduce stress

In my humble opinion, we simply do not take enough time to enjoy each other.  We spend so much time concentrating on our computer and on the contents of the screens of our devices.

We probably spend a bit too much time doing this and in so doing we often forget to enjoy each other.  We seem to have lost the ability to enjoy each other’s laughter.  Each other’s company and each other’s ability to just simply socialize.

There are some who believe that their virtual world and social media is enough for them but for me; I just feel that the human touch is most vital in our daily lives.  We need the human touch to help bring us down to reality.  We need to interact more with each other when we do such things as worship at Church, shop in the malls, and walk along the sidewalks.  When we socialize in playgrounds and parks, at airports and restaurants, and o so much more!

The virtual world has its place and so does social media.  However, each other’s company probably has the largest place in our lives.

So, let us take time to enjoy each other.

Just my two cents for today.

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