Builders and busters

There are builders and then there are busters.  Builders are the ones who never ask for anything in return but busters are those who are determined to rip apart what builders have worked so hard to build.

Builders are the ones who never ask what their country can do for them; they ask what they can do for their country.  On the other hand, busters do not ask anything; their only agenda is to destroy everything good.

I am sure that if we take a few minutes to think things through we will quickly discover that we are surrounded by both; privately as well as publicly.  Unfortunately for our world, there are too many busters and not enough builders.  We need to turn this around and do it as quickly as we can.

The world needs many more builders in order to ensure that our future is safe and secure.  We do not need busters to wreck our hopes and dreams.

Just my thoughts for today.

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