Time to look beyond the looks

We are living in a world we most of us continues to judge others based on their looks.  Understandable to a certain point but most unfortunate.

We choose newscasters based on their looks for the most part.  We choose actors based on the same criteria and we use certain criteria to help us make up our minds about things.

Just think about it!  If a person appears to be too fat or too thin, they are automatically disqualified from further consideration.  If they are too short or too tall the same thing happens and if their skin color is not what seems desirable then there you go!  They are taken out of the picture.

It probably won’t happen in my lifetime but we could at least make a start!  How about if we start now in our little own way?  But wait a minute!

I just thought of this!  Is this not what we do when we decide which produce to choose, which fruit to purchase, and which piece of meat to buy?

Just my two cents for today.

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