Ask an Author – November 2018 – Gift Expectations

Gift Expectations

I have to admit that this strategy simply snuck up on me not too long ago and after having tried it out myself I have decided to share with you.

Here is how it works.
First you switch into make believe mode and you start to imagine what you might be receiving for Christmas.
Just allow your imagination to take control for a few minutes. Find a quiet spot and get comfortable.
Make sure that there are no distractions to disturb you.
Then you start to imagine those gifts; small packages and big packages. Colourful packages and those wrapped in brown paper. Packages in jet packs and packages in large bags.
Small boxes, and big boxes.
Long boxes and square boxes.
Round boxes and tiny boxes.

You see, all kinds of packages. Then you start to imagine what they could contain and here is where the fun really starts.

Trust me when I tell you that this strategy will help you to open up your creative juices. Then soon you will find yourself starting to write about all kinds of things in all kinds of packages.

Give this one a try.

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