Time to clean up our politics

As someone who travels a bit too much at times, I still continue to see where airlines and airports are still very much falling short of the mark when it comes to understanding and learning how to adequately deal with those traveling passengers who require special services.

I have said it and I’ll say it again one more time; the needs and requirements of our traveling public continue to evolve and is being driven by the demands of a rapidly aging population.  There is no getting away from this.  The travel industry needs to start paying more attention to this and if they do not then there is no telling how or what we are going to see in the very near future.

We are dealing with a traveling public who is no longer prepared to put up with second class service or to be more blunt slip shot services or treatment at the hands of airports, airlines, and other members of the travel industry.

We are no longer prepared to accept this type of treatment or to be intimidated by certain entities within the travel industry who continue to adopt an attitude of intimidation, bullying, but above all; an attitude where they believe that taking complainants to court will do the trick.

No, it is not going to work and using their deep pockets as part of their scare tactics have now begun to wear thin on the public at large.  True it is that their deep pockets are much larger and deeper than most of us out here and true it is that their legal resources are a great deal wider and broader than those of most of us but I can assure you that these tactics need to be revisited.

Gone are the days of intimidation and bullying.  Here to stay is a trend towards collaboration and resolution.  This is what all stake holders need to keep in mind as we move forward.  Let’s work together to change this.

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