Is respect still being respected?

Too often, I hear parents, managers, and even my peers complaining about this: the lack of respect being shown by us to each other.

We seem to have forgotten how to respect each other’s time and space.  We turn up late for appointments and I am not just talking about a mere few minutes!  No, it is often by more than half hour or even not at all and too often there is no apology for the tardiness.

Then there is the matter of too many people not responding to emails and even if they do it comes several days after the original email is sent if at all.

Moving on to when someone contracts to provide services to another.  Too often, the work is either not completed in the time that was originally agreed upon, the work is shoddy or lacks craftsmanship, or believe it or not contractors leaves work halfway completed not even bothering to provide a plausible explanation.

In my humble opinion, it is only getting worse and I truly believe that it all boils down to a lack of respect for respect.  In short, respect is not being respected.  Respect is not a given, it is earned and when anyone displays this type of behaviour towards another, then the recipient is often hard pressed to respect the giver.

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