The self centered syndrome

In my humble opinion, this may be one of the reasons why we find it difficult at times to move forward.  I call this the self centered syndrome because I honestly feel that too many of us are too caught up in our own welfare to be able to see beyond.

True it is that we all need to look after ourselves but what about the generation’s old saying that we also need to look after our neighbors?  At least to cast an eye out for them and help them if we can.

It really bothers me whenever someone says to me that they have everything that they need and want so why bother to do anything else for someone else?

This is what a high profile individual in our blind persons community said to me a while back and my response was as follows.

“Each morning when you wake up and reach for your trust i device; do you ever stop to think how you have come to be able to enjoy the benefits of this great invention?  It did not appear like magic!  It appeared because someone cared enough to carry out thoughtful and careful work to develop devices that would enable persons with disabilities to become more active and proactive participants of society.”

That person was the late Steve Jobs and now we need many more people like him to help create a more caring world; one where the self centered syndrome would be replaced by  people who have the insight and foresight to create and innovate.  Individuals who are not afraid to spread inclusion for all and those who will way beyond their bank books.

People who will as the late Robert F. Kennedy one said “Some men see things as they are and say why!  I dream things that never were and say why not?”  This was what Steve Jobs was all about; taken too soon from us!

It is not too late for us to change our attitudes and mindset.  We can do it!  All we need to do is to think about it and we’ll soon see why we need to do it.

My two cents worth for today.

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