Thinking of each other

I humbly submit that, in light of all of the natural disasters presently surrounding us, we need to readjust our attitudes to start thinking more about our neighbour rather than complaining about what we do not have.

I for one live in a country that to my knowledge has not really had to face such catastrophes as hurricanes Harvey and Irma.  To my knowledge, we have been spared of epic earthquakes but sure!  We have had our share of terrific forest fires and the disaster of Calgary in 2016 is not to be forgotten.

When it comes to an informal comparison,  Canada is a very fortunate country and now we need to realize this and do whatever we can to recognize and reach out to others across the border and across the miles.

Canada is known for its boundless generosity, as we have seen and continue to see over the years.  We have always been able to reach out to others both monetarily and economically, and we can certainly use this as a base to continue our ability to keep thinking of each other.

I for one truly appreciate where I live: in a country of plenty and many who do not hesitate to give and share.  I can only hope that this attitude continues to prevail and that it is used as examples for us to continue to think of each other.

Just my two cents for today.

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