A letter to an unborn

Dear unborn:

I know not your gender, ethnicity, or anything about you as yet but before you enter this world I thought that I would pen this letter to you!  I do not even know your parents, siblings, what your name is going to be, or even what part of the world you are supposed to enter but this does not matter; my message to you is going to be the same!

For simplicity, I will refer to you as little one and then I’ll go from there.

Dear little one:

Some time very soon you will be making your way into this crazy but exciting world and I am sure that there will be so much for you to see and discover.  So much for you to uncover, and so much for you to learn and understand!  You will probably see things that will undoubtedly make you happy, things that will undoubtedly make you sad, and many things that you will choose to either ignore or accept.

I can assure you that at some point in your life you will experience people loving each other but at the same time you will also experience people hating each other.  You will be exposed to the good and great but at the same time you will also be exposed to the bad and sad.

It would be up to you to choose which path you decide to take.  You will be faced with temptation to follow the darker side of mankind but at the same time you will be presented with boundless opportunities to help make a better future for those coming after you.

Whatever you choose, and how so ever you decide to be, I have the following requests to make of you:

Never forget to show respect for your parents and to your elders.

Remember to be kind to the less fortunate, the vulnerable, and the down trodden.

Be patient and tolerant to those who have difficulty learning and understanding.

Use your knowledge to teach others and improve the lives of others.

Be accepting of all races, religions, and those with backgrounds that may be different than yours.

Take the time to say please and thanks.

Be a kid for as long as you can; laugh, smile, play hide and seek, ball games, and don’t forget to go outdoors and smell the flowers, catch the butterflies, and run around with your dogs.

Sure!  Embrace technology but remember to leave time to socialize with others by having face get togethers.

Finally!  Ask not what your country can do for you! Ask what you can do for your country!

That’s it my little one!

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