How about entrepreneurship?

I don’t think that this alternative is as bad as you may think and there are definite benefits and advantages to it.  Especially so if you are seeking some sort of change in your life.

Of course I can tell you that there are the usual reasons for seeking entrepreneurship but there are other reasons that I call the hidden reasons.  So I’ll give you two lists; the obvious list and then the not so obvious one.

First list –

  • You want a change in career.
  • You need to generate more income.
  • You desire to work from home because of family requirements.
  • You no longer wish to work for someone else.
  • You are tired of traveling long distances to get to work.
  • You are tired of being caught in traffic every working day.
  • You want to be your own boss.

Just a few reasons but there are more and I’ll stop here.

Second list –

  • You get to choose your career.
  • You get to control the progress of your career.
  • You choose your clients.
  • You dictate how fast you learn, when, and from whom.
  • You can define which technology you wish to use.
  • You dictate your work hours and frequency of hours.

These are just two lists to get you started.  Good luck and happy entrepreneurship to you.

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