They are watching and waiting

They are everywhere and they are depending on us all the way!  They need us just as much as we need them!  They are following every move that we make, every word that we utter, and every action that we take!  Who are they?

They are our kids!  Innocent, vulnerable, and simply yearning for us to teach them and show them right from wrong!

Each time we say something, they are listening to us attentively!  Each time we do anything, they are watching us with wrapped attention!    Each time we fail to correct an error or repeat a faux pas continually, they are taking note and storing it in their minds for future reference!

We need to take better responsibility for our kids for after all!  We brought them into this world without their consent!  They came without any hesitation!  They never asked any questions!  All they wanted was for us to love them, cherish them, and to take care of them and to protect them!

At the end of the day; not very much for them to ask for!

Time for us to keep up our end of the bargain!

And in the words of the late Whitney Huston in one of her songs:

“I believe in the kids of the future!  Teach them well and let them know the way!”

Just my two cents for today.

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