Talking the walk and walking the walk

I humbly submit that too often we have folks who talk the walk but somehow they get lost along the way when it comes to walking the walk.  So what do I mean today?

Simple!  We seem to have too many folks who love to preach but often fail to practise what they preach.  For me; this is one of my most passionate principles!  I always do the best that I can to walk the walk!  To practise what I preach!  For if I cannot or do not; I would be a hypocrite and a dismal failing example to the kids of the future.

What good would it be for me if I were to keep telling our future leaders that they need to respect themselves and their knowledge and expertise?  That they need to demand appropriate compensation for the services that they render?  That they must focus on such things as demanding nothing less than equal pay for their knowledge and expertise?  That they must demand the same treatment that sighted and mainstream folks receive?  Most important; that they must stop giving away their daily living for nothing!

Finally and finally I have found a way to live with my conscience.  A few weeks ago I walked away from a certain Federal Government department’s advisory group.  This after I had voluntarily given away too many years of my daily living.   I finally did it!  I finally pulled up the boots by the strap and took that huge step to walk the walk!

I cannot tell you how good this felt!  Total relief!  I finally did it for the kids of the future and now I can smile as I set about to leave some sort of a legacy for them!

Just my two cents for today.

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