The UPS Drama — Time to Identify

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Today I am pleased to share our president’s weekly editorial and for this week Donna J. Jodhan zooms in on a company that continues to exhibit reckless behaviour when it comes to customer service.
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A version of the UPS shield logo where the text has been manipulated to read "OOPS" instead of "UPS".The UPS Drama – Time to Identify
by Donna J. Jodhan

This is the second experience that I have had in the last three and a half months with UPS and I think that it is about time for me to identify. I will state here that UPS is not the only courier company guilty of such lack of customer service rep manners, decorum, and a general lack of the ability to really understand the true meaning of customer service commitment. However, I am identifying UPS because this is the company who in my mind has definitely crossed the line.

The following is my experience:
In late March I ordered some small products from the united States and I followed the requested protocols. The products were shipped to my associate in the United States and he shipped it onto me here in Canada.
On the morning of Tuesday April 11 I discovered a notice stuck to my door notifying me that a delivery was attempted.
Alas! I did not believe this because I was at home all of the previous day and no one knocked at my door.
I had to ask my mom and my neighbour to verify the info on the notice and they both confirmed that the notice only contained an info notice number which I was supposed to use in order to obtain my tracking number
And in order to obtain my tracking number I had to access the UPS website at

My neighbour emailed me the info notice number as I could not read it for myself because of being vision impaired.
So off I went to the website and horrors of horrors! This website was not very navigable or usable for a vision impaired person.
I called the toll free number and spoke to an agent who insisted that in order to help me, she needed a tracking number.
When I told her that there was no tracking number, she told me to wait for a few hours and that the package would be delivered that day.
She was unable to use the info notice number that I provided to her saying that she could not find any info on my package.
No package arrived by 7 pm so I called the toll free number once again.

This time, I spoke to an agent who found the info on my package and then she told me that I had to pay a duties fee online in order to get my package.
She used the info notice number that I provided in order to find said info.
She transferred me over to another agent who after about 10 minutes of trying to locate my package with my info notice number found it and processed my payment
I was told that my package would arrive the next day.
I received an electronic receipt confirming my payment early on Wednesday morning.

We are now up to Wednesday and by the end of the day nothing had arrived.
So I called the toll free number once more and alas! The agent claimed that a delivery was attempted at 7:15 pm.
No, no! No notice was left and no one had knocked at my door!
I relayed this to the agent who told me that for sure, my package would be delivered the next day.
And true to form; no packaged arrived on the Thursday and no notice was provided!

On the Friday morning I again phoned the toll free number, provided my info notice number, and politely said to the agent that if my package did not arrive by day’s end I would put my story on Facebook.
And guess what? My package arrived by mid afternoon!

As mentioned above, UPS is not the only courier company guilty of such behaviour. I have heard and continue to hear similar horror stories from friends.
The sad thing about all of this is that I have had to deal with agents whose first language is not English. I live in an English speaking country and I deem it an insult and a disrespect when companies continue to staff their call centers with agents whose first language is not English.

I discovered from one of the agents that they are based in the Philippines and I was even treated to the sound of a roster crowing in the background!

For whereas companies are using off shore call centers to reduce their costs they are at the same time violating their commitment to customer service and even more sad is that too many North American companies from a plethora of industries are doing the very same thing.

This needs to stop! English speaking countries deserve to receive customer service in English. There is no excuse for this and I can only hope that UPS starts listening! I thought that UPS would have delivered my package much sooner but when you have agents who are unable to properly process my request, drivers who do not show up but claim that they did, and on and on it goes! No other alternative but to speak up!

Just my two cents for today!

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