The Continued Pin Pad Dilemma

Hey there and I’m Scott Savoy welcoming you to our second June weekend.
It’s a lovely weekend and today I am delighted to share our president’s weekly editorial with you.
For this week, Donna J. Jodhan returns to voice her concerns over those inaccessible pin pads.
She really hopes that developers, manufacturers, and companies start taking action or else? Maybe a bit of legal action?
Enjoy your weekend.

A customer pays for coffee in a café using a portable credit/debit machine with a touchscreen.The Continued Pin Pad Dilemma
by Donna J. Jodhan

I can only sit here and hope that some day very soon my message along with those from members of our disabled persons communities start to resonate with those restaurants who have adopted those pin pads where you need to input your info in order to complete your transaction. The grave concern here is that these pin pads present the following dilemma for us. When the pin pad is brought to your

One is now forced to use a touch screen to confirm the amount of the bill and to insert their desired tip but then? A small physical keypad is there for us to enter our credit card information.
Once again, pin pad developers and restaurants have failed to take into account that persons with disabilities also dine out! What would it take for these developers to understand that our dining world is made up of everyone? Mainstream and those with varying disabilities? What would it take for restaurant owners to realize that their dining consumers are going to be made up of more diners with disabilities? And the excuse being proffered that either the waiter or one’s sighted friend can assist is not an excuse but rather an insult and very disrespectful!

I can only urge developers and restaurant owners to start correcting this very glaring glitch. Just my two cents for today.

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