The Ukraine Example — The World Owes Much

At the end of the day, it does not matter how far away we are from the Ukraine and whether or not the war there is directly affecting us; this is a perfect example of courage, commitment, and undying love of life, freedom, and country for us all to follow.

I know that there are several who have openly said that they do not care because this does not affect them!  How wrong you are and what a very selfish and self centered so called excuse this is.  In fact, it is not an excuse but rather an expression of ignorance and naivety!

Here we have the picture of David versus Goliath with the Ukraine as David and Russia as Goliath!  I would respectfully submit that if we were unable to show our kindness, generosity, and selflessness during this pandemic then here is a perfect time for us to correct our unhealthy attitudes.

We need to really make a bigger effort to start looking past ourselves and our own selfish needs.  We need to wake up and discover that this world does not just revolve around us!  The wonderful citizens of the Ukraine continue to show us how courage and commitment can be used to defy the odds.  They are standing together and this is what we as a world need to do if we have any hope of making things better for any promise of a future!

The kids of the World Wars showed us but it seems as if we may have forgotten!  Now we need to remove the blinders and curtains and wake up!

The crisis in the Ukraine is going to affect us all and we need to realize this now!

My final thoughts?  When it comes to true commitment then this country and its leader are it!  The perfect example for us all to emulate!

God bless the Ukraine and give them the strength to stand tall!!

Just my two cents for today!

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Donna Jodhan is an award winning blind author, advocate, sight loss coach, blogger, podcast commentator, and accessibility specialist.
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