Be careful when you complain

This is what I would say to anyone who complains.  Yes, I know that for so many in this world things are so bleak and so hopeless but when we live in a developed country or a developing country in the Western Hemisphere for example, we need to think of those in war torn countries before we complain.

When we complain that we do not have enough food on our table then think of those starving in other countries; Africa, the Middle East, and those in South America.

Whenever we wish for more then let us think of those poor children in Syria with their so sad eyes, just living from minute to minute, and not sure if their lives will ever see a tomorrow.

When we think that our homes are not warm enough then let us think of those millions of refugees who have no home, just card board tents at best, and having to face all kinds of elements as they struggle to survive out there in either the frigid cold or unbearable heat.

Whenever we complain that we do not have adequate support through our existing social programs then we need to think of those countries that do not even offer such types of support to their citizens and they cannot even complain because there is no one for them to complain to.

Whenever we complain of the horrific violence in our country then we need to say this to ourselves:  We can do something about it but in countries such as those in the Middle East and elsewhere, citizens are at the mercy of trigger happy and unthinking people.

You see, and in my humble opinion, we in North America enjoy a very happy and comfortable life for the most part.  True it is that there are millions amongst us who suffer from abject poverty but let us think of others first who are in a worse off situation than we are before complaining.

Just my two cents for today.

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