The Scotiabank Saga – Sad and Shameful

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Today, I am pleased to share an interesting perspective with you; written by our president Donna J. Jodhan.
And for this week Donna shares what she discovered in a little corner of the Caribbean. Very interesting and please give this one a read!
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A photo of the front entrance of the Scotiabank location at Park and Richmond, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.The Scotiabank Saga
by Donna J. Jodhan

Every now and then I like to wonder out of North America and highlight what’s going on in another corner of the World. For this week it is all about a Bank that is supposedly the best Bank in the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. A Bank that continues to disappoint me horrify me, shock me, and frankly to absolutely disgust me.

For how on earth could Scotiabank Trinidad deem to claim to be the best when it does such things as disrespect and ignore the rights of persons with disabilities. To argue with its valued and long standing customers, and to ignore requests for help from the vulnerable.

I recently saw the following first hand.
A car pulled into the Scotiabank complex in mid December and the lady driver rolled down her window and politely asked the parking attendant for some help. She stated that she had 2 friends who needed to go into the Bank’s branch. One was a senior with severe walking challenges and the other was a vision impaired lady. The driver told the parking attendant that she noticed that the parking space for handicapped customers was being occupied by a van and asked if she knew whether or not the driver of the van was disabled.

The parking attendant promptly replied that the driver of the van was only going to be a few minutes as he was picking up something and she told the driver of the car to drive over to the parking lot across the street. To which the driver of the car began to plead her case and at the end of it all the driver of the van emerged about 10 minutes later. He was not disabled.

My second circumstance applies to a customer agent at Scotiabank who argued with a valued and long standing customer about an appointment time. I happened to be standing right next to the customer when she told the customer agent that she would be arriving at the Bank at around 9 am. A few days later the customer agent phoned to confirm the appointment time and when the customer told her that she would be arriving at around 9 am the customer agent said “You said 8:30 am” and then proceeded to cut off the customer.

Finally this happened. A long standing customer entered the Scotiabank Branch; the same branch as mentioned above, and the head office of Scotiabank Trinidad with her walker and care giver. And what took place next absolutely horrified me. Instead of staff coming forward to assist they simply stood by and directed the customer and her care giver to walk quite a distance to find a seat.

If Scotiabank deems to call itself the best Bank in the country of Trinidad and Tobago then Heaven help us to ask what type of services does the worst Bank offer?

My final thoughts?
So you see, this sort of treatment is also visible and very much alive outside of North America. Shame on you Scotiabank!
Just my two cents for today!

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