The power of social media

I guess that I have probably under estimated the power of social media on occasions.  It is not to say that I was not paying attention in this instance but when the instance pertained directly to me I simply failed to take note in time.

True it is that I continue to witness how social media is becoming more and more of a power house in our lives but for what it is worth; social media can be viewed in so many different ways.

In my case, social media informed me of something and then I took what I learned to come to a correct conclusion.

You see, I had to learn from certain posts on Facebook that changes were being made at a company that I was working on contract for.  At first, I did not think much of the few posts that I read but when these posts intensified it was time for me to pay more attention and I sure did.

To shorten the story; changes were happening and I was not going to be included in these changes moving forward.  In essence, my contract was not being renewed and I seemed to be the last one to know.

I actually had to write to this company to ask for confirmation that my contract was not being renewed.  And they confirmed in a short and very off hand manner.

Ah yes!  The power of social media and I need to pay more attention or I will stand to be caught napping!

Just my two cents for today.

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