My enemy and my friend

This is how I view technology these days and not many apologies for my views.

Technology is my friend whenever it works but whenever it decides to act up and behave badly, then it is not my friend.  I guess that this school of thought could easily be applied to almost any situation.  Whenever country does something wonderful in the eyes of its allies then it is a good friend but whenever it does otherwise then it is an enemy!

When it comes to technology we should not expect otherwise.  For the most part technology is a friend when we can understand its behaviour better.  When it does what we want it to do.  Whenever we have the correct components and variables in order  to make it do what we want it to do.  Whenever we are able to communicate with the rest of the world.

On the other hand, technology can easily turn into an enemy whenever we are unable to update to the latest and greatest software and hardware.  Whenever it refuses to work because we do not have the right environment.  Whenever we are unable to communicate with the rest of the world.  Whenever it is slow to react to our commands or whenever there are outages that prevent us from being a part of the rest of the world.

For let us face facts!  Technology is not going to change its behaviour towards us and we might as well swallow our pride and admit and accept that technology will either be our friend or enemy!

Just my two cents for today.

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