The last minute syndrome

I know that we are living in an ever growing busy world where we are all doing our best to meet our commitments and our schedules.  However, with all of this comes what I call the ever increasing problem/concern of the last minute syndrome.

I for one have never been able to adequately deal with last minute requests.  And I mean very last minute requests especially when I feel that these last minute requests could have been avoided if better scheduling and planning had been carried out.

Sure!  There are always going to be last minute requests made when unexpected circumstances arise but take this as an example.

You know that you are going on holidays starting on a specific date or you know that there are deadlines to be met.  Then why is it that one would come with a very last minute request to make changes to a report or to squeeze something new into the schedule?

I am all for accommodating and assisting in times of tight corners but I think that it is very disrespectful and downright inconsiderate when someone knowing their deadlines and schedules would ask another to do the above.

The last minute syndrome has a domino affect in that one request means that another needs to change their own schedule and so on down the chain.

I know only too well that circumstances such as a sudden death or illness or an emergency due to something else unexpected can attribute to a last minute request but in general there is much that we can all do to help deal with or curtail the last minute syndrome.

Just my two cents for today.

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