The Other Side of Online Banking – See Who Is Being Left Behind

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A woman's hand holding a smartphone. She is accessing a banking app, where a money transfer is underway.The Other Side of Online Banking
by Donna J. Jodhan

If it works, then I will readily admit that online banking has a boatload of advantages.
To be able to conduct one’s banking transactions in privacy from the comfort of one’s home is something that I and so many others crave and strive for. However, when said online banking is inaccessible, unnavigable, and unusable, then here is where we need to be aware of the other side of online banking.

As a vision impaired person, the only way for me to be able to conduct my online banking is to be able to do it independently without any sighted assistance and to do it like the rest of the world whoever chooses to use online banking: independently, privately, and without any human intervention. In short, my online banking world must protect my rights to be able to do whatever anyone else does when they conduct their online banking. This is equal access for everyone.

Unfortunately, there are certain banking institutions that have not really been able to create an accessible and navigable, let alone usable, environment for clients with a disability, and it concerns me that despite the edict from the Canadian Government mandating all federally governed entities to submit draft proposals regarding their plans to make their products, services, and websites included fully accessible, this is not the case.

Remember now, the Accessible Canada Act was passed in July 2019, and federally governed entities are being mandated to provide draft proposals for how they will make their products, services, and websites accessible to everyone.

Some banks continue to ignore the requirements for accessibility when it comes to their websites, and as a result, online banking is not an option for many of their clients with a disability. I am learning this the very hard way. My basic rights to independence and privacy are being trampled upon, and now I am urging all federally governed banks to please take a look at their websites and their online banking systems.

Just my two cents for today.

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Donna Jodhan is an award winning blind author, advocate, sight loss coach, blogger, podcast commentator, and accessibility specialist.
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