The Problem with Packing at Supermarkets – Shame on Walmart!

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Well, if you’re looking for a good piece of investigative reporting then nothing better than our president’s editorial for this week.
Donna J. Jodhan highlights a situation at one of the Walmart stores.
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Donna standing at the cash at Walmart with lots of groceries in front of her.The Problem with Packing at Supermarkets
by Donna J. Jodhan

Maybe someone reading my editorial can help me to understand why it is the following are two very completely different pictures.

At the Metro store located in the Bridlewood Mall, there is a huge sign that tells customers that at Metro they will help you to pack your goods. But on the other hand it is a completely different picture at the Walmart store located on Steeles close to Markham Road.

As someone with a vision impairment, I am always very grateful whenever I receive assistance to pack my groceries at the cash. It does not matter whether or not I am with a sighted friend or with my mom. I really do not expect to have this type of assistance but I believe that as a common courtesy cashers should extend human kindness to anyone with a disability and to seniors or anyone requiring help.

At the Walmart supermarket/store, it appears that cashiers are totally oblivious to this.
They cash my groceries, shove it along the carousel and after the last item is cashed, they simply sit there and wait for me to pay for my groceries. No offer to assist me or my friend to pack my groceries. It does not matter that I am walking with my white cane! These cashiers are just not interested to extend any sort of human kindness.

Now I ask the following questions:
Has Walmart instructed them not to assist? Is it because Walmart does not give a darn about customer service? Or maybe is it that they do not think that it is important to extend this type of customer service? Or even better; it would take too long for cashiers to assist with packing? Or, that cashiers simply do not know how to extend courtesy and kindness? Maybe someone can chime in here.

Just my two cents for today.

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