The men who are unable to accept

They are many and one could easily say that maybe and just maybe, there are just too many of them around for us women to deal with.

Now, do not get me wrong!  There are men out there who do accept what women can do and can accomplish but it seems to me that there maybe not just enough of them.

Over the past many years I have bumped into and worked with men who do not think anything of working with women but at the same time I have encountered many who simply are unable to accept us.

Some of them go out of their way to thwart our efforts.  Others erect barriers so that we are greatly challenged to perform on an equal footing while still others seem unable to want to change their very narrow attitude towards women.  While still others go out of their way to try and belittle our best efforts.

I do not think that there is much that we can do about this so we might as well accept and deal with it as best as we can.

What we can do is this!  Recognize that these barriers are present, build awareness about them, encourage women to develop strategies towards breaking down these barriers and finally!  Remind men that we are here to stay and we’re not going away!

Just my two cents for today.

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