Can technology help to save us?

Ask anyone this question and you can bet your bottom dollar that the response would probably depend on the following variables: demography, geography, and financial status.

Yes, these are probably the main variables that would play their part in a person’s response.  Older people who did not grow up in the era of technology would probably tell you no!  Technology is probably more of a hindrance rather than a saviour.  Technology is a pain rather than a joy and technology is a necessary evil.

Now, ask someone who has grown up in the technology era and they would probably have very different responses.  They would probably tell you that technology is the best thing since sliced bread.  That technology is the key to success and that without technology the world is doomed.

Then let’s factor in the geographical variable and this could be the picture.  For those who are just now coming into the age of such things as the Internet, social media, and the world of mobile devices; their views may be that technology is helping to open up a whole new universe for them.  However if you were to seek the responses from those areas where people take technology for literally granted, the response may be more or less quite nonchalant.

Then finally the financial status factor.  For those who are in a more affluent financial bracket and who can afford to buy the latest and greatest technology, the view would probably be one of a resounding yes!  Technology can definitely help to save us but the view may be quite different when coming from those who struggle to put food on the table.

The views of this latter group may be one of a mixed reaction; some would probably say not really while others would probably say may be so.

Just my thoughts for today.

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