See who is selling redundant software

This is nothing new but I just wanted to bring your attention to a certain phone company that is doing just that these days.

In general, many companies are guilty of selling old stock to various groups such as to seniors and to those with disabilities and to countries.  I can tell you that several cosmetic companies continue to dump their discontinued lines of products into third world countries and the same could be said for food companies as well as tele communications companies.

I am not going to cast judgement on any of this but I will for the following.  When a company deliberately sells redundant software to a particular community of persons knowing full well that said piece of software has no potential to be upgraded or updated and that its life is extremely limited then here is where I draw the line.  Additionally, when said company sells said software at a discounted price it makes matters even more unacceptable.

So who am I talking about today?  Well, it’s none other than Bell Canada that is doing this.  Selling redundant software to the vision impaired community at a discounted price and you know what?    Shame on you Bell for doing this!  Someone ought to be taking you to task for doing this!  Selling discontinued software at a discounted price does not make it right.  It may have been better if you had just simply dumped the software in the garbage rather than trying to squeeze out a profit in this way.

It is not that you are in the red and looking for ways to raise your bottom line; heck, even this action should not be used as an excuse for what you are doing.

I hope that one of your higher up managers reads this and does something to correct it.

Just my two cents for today.

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