The lawyer’s drawback

This may be a very mild way of putting it but in my opinion, it could easily be called this or even something much more severe.

Yes, I know that in general, lawyers are trained how to win from the outset and they are trained to do so no matter what.  They smell blood!  They go after their prey like hound dogs determined to kill at all cost!  They chase, bully, intimidate, stalk, and do whatever they need to do in order to bring home the prize too their clients.

Most of the time they know what the outcome should be: guilty or not guilty.  Such is their mentality that they are paid by their client to get them off at all cost.

All well and good, but here is the growing and gaping gap, and I for one am afraid that this only makes me have less and less respect for lawyers.  Of course, I would hasten to say here that there are those very few ones who stand way above their peers because of their ethics and humanity but trust me when I tell you that these are the very few.

As an advocate who has seen so many different circumstances since year 2000, it absolutely saddens me to see how far some lawyers would go in order to win.  How much they would ignore the Human Rights of complainants in order to win on behalf of their client.

These are the ones who more often than not who know full well that when representing their clients, they are being asked to trample upon and smash the rights of those who are only trying to protect and save their rights.  Their objective is to humiliate the complainant at all cost and to do everything in their power to wear down a complainant who could never have as many financial resources as they have let alone the strength and energy to go the distance.

Maybe I am being a bit too naive here but this is what I am seeing these days!  Lawyers who are reckless, ruthless and ones who are bullies!  Lawyers who need to be given a crash course in Human Rights to start with!  Lawyers who need to be stood up to if we can find the will and strength to do so.

Just my two cents for today.

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