The iPad generation

No, they are not those teens who can’t seem to do without their iDevices, nor are they those professionals who are constantly being seen tapping away on their iDevices.  Who are they?  They are a generation of seniors who are using iPads to communicate with each other via FaceTime.

Truth be told, I find this really fascinating and I only became aware of this growing trend after my sister-in-law, Char, told me how much her mom and aunts are using their iPads to facetime each other.

According to Char, they are very heavy users of video FaceTime, and they use this method to communicate with each other very regularly and they are truly enjoying being able to see and hear each other through their iPads.

I can bet anything that not many of us would have thought that this generation would have been able to find a way to use iPads to communicate with each other.  Given that this is modern technology and so many seniors simply do not really relish the age of iDevices.

Who knows what else is in store for our seniors?  Communicating with each other may just be the tip of the ice berg for many of them are already using their i devices to read the daily newspapers.

Just my two cents for today.

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