Taking time away from technology

Since 2008, I have made it an annual commitment to take time away from technology and I can tell you that I have benefitted greatly.

Each year, my mom and I journey to sweet Saint Lucia and there we spend 11 days without any interruption from technology.  That is, just cheating a bit with browsing Facebook and calling the odd friend via Facetime.

I think that if possible we should all try to take some time away from technology from time to time and here is why I think that this is a good idea.

We are constantly being bombarded with emails from friends and family, associates and employees, employers and partners, and almost anyone else who dares to invade our inbox.  We are forced to deal with phones that are constantly ringing and information from all sides of the fence ranging from the Internet to TV and from newspapers and everywhere else.

There is only so much that the poor human brain can absorb and then when it has reached its limit things start to go wrong!  We start to forget what we need to do at certain times.  We are unable to absorb contents of emails and conversations and this is evident when we start asking senders and callers to repeat what they have just sent or said.  Think of it like this!  It’s like a sink that has filled completely up and there is no space to put anything else and then when we try to shove something into the sink it gets rejected and ends up on the counter or floor.

Trust me when I tell you that there is nothing more fulfilling than being able to hear yourself think.  To be able to sit and enjoy sun filled days with endless blue skies above filled with moving white clouds of all sizes.  Beautiful beaches where crabs can crawl freely and kittens and puppies can play with each other without having to worry about being run over.  Birds to entertain you with their voices as pure as those of angels and doves calling to each other!  Sand and surf, sea and boats!

Just the sound of those waves rolling gently ashore, boats blowing their horns in the bay, and folks walking along laughing happily are enough to create a tonic for rest and repose.  Then there are those restful nights where crickets and candle flies rule, tall palm trees sway gently in the breeze, and the fresh salty air puts you to sleep.

The food and cuisine to die for!  Cool drinks, sweet and lingering!  Fruits, delicious and juicy!

This is what mom and I enjoy each year in sweet Saint Lucia and oh yes!  Let us not forget those sweet Saint Lucians!  Humble, friendly, and just a joy to be around!

Just my two cents for today.

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