Coping with Covid

The one sobering reality is that we are all in this together; from the oldest to the youngest. We all continue to find ways to cope and I truly believe that this unexpected time filled with uncertainty has helped us to develop some very interesting coping mechanisms.

For me, I can only describe this as a mixed bag of tools of coping mechanisms.  For in addition to the somewhat typical tools, I have been able to hewn some new ones.

So what are some of my coping tools?

I pray a lot.

I meditate a lot.

I find time to take at least one short nap daily.

I have developed a fixed schedule daily.

I find time to fulfill my fitness requirements.

I spend a few precious minutes with my plants on my balcony every day.

I listen to my favourite music.

I play chess with friends across the miles via email.

I play my piano.

I stay away from the fridge and all of my snacks.

I reach out to friends regularly.

Now, this may seem like a lot but I space out my tasks so that there is always something different for me to do each day.

Just my two cents for today.

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