The changing workplace

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The changing workplace
By Donna J. Jodhan

Ah yes! The changing workplace and it has only be hastened by this horrific Covid choke hold.

Some may say that it would only have been a matter of time before the mainstream workplace would have disappeared and this is probably very true.

Whatever it may be; the mainstream workplace has definitely seen some very drastic changes since March 2020. Gone are the days when so many of us had to travel to our offices. Gone are the days when many of us had to work in cramped workplaces filled with even rows and rows of cubicles or rows and rows of desks crammed into open areas. Gone are the days when many of us had to contend with having to ride in crowded elevators up to our workplace.

Now we are seeing a whole new trend. The home is now the workplace. The home office, the dining room or kitchen table, the living room, the bedroom, and even the pre fabricated structure in the back yard is now the new design of a workplace.

Some may say that it would eventually have happened anyway but that Covid has only helped to move things along much more quickly. There are those who have welcomed this new type of workplace but then there are those who are not so sure.

I would humbly submit that if anything, the new workplace gives us a chance to exert more control over the design, location, dimensions, and what we include in our surroundings.

Just my two cents for today.
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