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Today, I am delighted to share our president’s editorial with you and for this week Donna J. Jodhan focuses on a broken complaints system.
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A Canadian flag waves in the wind in front of the Peace Tower at the Canadian parliament buildings in Ottawa, Ontario.

The Broken Complaints System
by Donna J. Jodhan

For those of you who know me well enough, this is a topic very near and dear to my heart!
For too many years now, I have seen where certain Canadian Federal Government departments continue to fail miserably when it comes to providing both online and offline complaints processes and systems.
What’s wrong with this picture in my respectful opinion is the following.

Certain Canadian Government departments are not even trying to make their complaints systems more balanced, more accessible, and more affective. They continue to proffer excuses and reasons that are simply unacceptable.
In other words, their excuses and reasons simply allow respondents to come out on top.

Respondents continue to be given free reign to do nothing. To wear down the spirit and financial resources and will of complainants. They continue to be allowed to get away with not providing accountability and transparency and these Government departments continue to be allowed to get away with brutal treatment of complainants.

Respondents continue to be allowed to get away with recklessness, willful misbehaviour and disrespect. They continue to be allowed to disrespect the rights of Canadians with disabilities and they are being allowed to use their deep pockets to do just this.

Online and offline systems remain broken and inaccessible. They are terribly under staffed by persons who are lacking in proper training and these systems have been developed by companies who do not even have the appropriate expertise in accessibility.
They claim to do so but at the end of the day they are blatantly guilty of not having included testers with lived experience. Instead their development and testing teams are made up of technical staff who have no idea re the meaning of accessibility.

I can only continue to call out these departments
Who are they? Example; the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the so-called gate keeper of protecting the rights of Canadians with disabilities and the vulnerable.
And there are others but for now I’ll stop here!

Just my two cents for today!

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Donna Jodhan is an award winning blind author, advocate, sight loss coach, blogger, podcast commentator, and accessibility specialist.
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