Ask an Author – March 2024 – Waiting for Spring

A young rabbit, still white from winter, lies sleeping in a patch of green clover.Waiting for Spring

Here is how I use the month of March to help clear my mind and imagination of cobwebs and clutter and to spark and stimulate my creative juice:

I think of spring as being the springboard for all of this. Spring is the time when everything starts to wake up; mother nature yawns and her kingdom responds.

So now we need to do the same and we have lots of help.

Think of those fresh cool winds blowing around and when you are out there they can fill you with feelings of freshness. Your senses all wake up.

Then think of those trees starting to wake up and their leaves and flowers begin to make their presence known.

They are simply beginning to get dressed!

Then the rabbits and the squirrels starting to poke their heads above ground.

They come out of their hiding places and start to sniff around and to look about themselves.

I have used this strategy for several years now and as an author I can tell you that it sure works.

So just go out there and try using my waiting for spring strategy.

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