The dilemma of choosing

There used to be a time when choosing a career seemed to be so much easier than it is today.  Without trying to date myself, I think that career choosing in the 70s and 80s was a lot simpler than it is today.

It may be that in those years the choices were much more limited and the scope to imagine and create was just being born.  Fast forward to today and we find ourselves with so many choices, options, and so much more room to innovate, create, and imagine and all of this leads to dreaming and making it all come true.

There is one thing however that seems to be common in both eras and it is this: do we choose our career based on our passion or do we do it to follow tradition.  In other words, do we choose a career based on our passion to follow our dreams or do we choose a career so as to follow the traditions and wishes of our parents?

If we choose a career that would make us happy then would it be one that is made up of just one path or a career that is made up of multiple paths?  Would the choice of career be based on having to meet personal and financial needs?  Or would it be one that we truly believe would bring us happiness and financial rewards?

If it is our desire to strike out on our own and leave the fold of what our parents have worked so hard to build, this being the traditional family business, could we live with ourselves knowing that by doing this we would be helping to end a family tradition and in so doing kill off something that took so many years for our parents and generations before to build?

If we choose the path to stay with the family based career then would it be easier to survive rather than striking out on our own?  Would it be easier to stay with a proven entity rather than carve out something new?

So many variables to consider and ponder.  So many things to analyze and decide upon.  The dilemma of choosing!

Just my two cents for today.

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