Still afraid of the big bad wolf

I do not think that the fear of the big bad wolf will ever go away!  That is, there may be times when we actually stand up to the big bad wolf but on the whole?  that implicit and explicit fear may always be present in our lives.

So now, you may be asking yourself; what is Donna referring to today?  Who is the big bad wolf and why are we and continue to be afraid of the big bad wolf?

I don’t think that anyone would be very surprised when I unveil the identity of the big bad wolf so here goes!

The big bad wolf is the one who funds projects for those organizations that survive on funding in order to carry out their missions, their initiatives, and their objectives.

The big bad wolf is the one who acts as the life line to those organizations and agencies that depend very heavily on such things as charitable contributions and donations, and good will funding in order to survive.

The big bad wolf is the one who keeps organizations and agencies in line whenever they stray and dare to criticize them.  They do this by either scolding them or actually withholding funding.

The big bad wolf is the one who pays the bills, pays the pay cheques, and determines whether or not a company, agency, or organization will live or die.

This is the reality and although it may be a sombre picture, I truly believe that there are ways to work around the wrath of the big bad wolf.  In other words, to develop strategies to show the big bad wolf that constructive criticism may not be as bad as it may seem.

That constructive criticism can be used to improve the way we collaborate and communicate.  I think that we can definitely lessen our fear of the big bad wolf if we take the bull by the horns so to speak.

So let’s go out there and show the big bad wolf that throwing their weight around whenever they are unhappy about actions and comments made by those they fund and support is not the way to go.  Easier said than done?

Not really!

Just my two cents for today.

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