Accountability and transparency

These two words or pieces of terminology often seem to go together, hand in hand as they say; for better or for worse and it appears that they continue to gain in popularity.

They often come back to haunt not just those in the public eye or those in politics.  they often hang themselves around the necks of companies and organizations as well as many others.

Each time a politician uses or utters words that are defamatory, confusing, offensive, or upsetting, they need to be made accountable for these.  In like manner, each time those in office carry out an action that was either meant to be hidden or  pushed under the stacks of concealment, this is referred to as a lack of transparency or even an attempt not to be made accountable.

Say what you may; accountability and transparency go hand in hand.  They can often be perceived as being interchangeable.  They are becoming more of a way to keep  those responsible more responsible.   It does not matter who or what it is; from politician to CEO and from corporation to non profit or charitable to non charitable organization/company.

Accountability and transparency need to be increased and those responsible need to be held responsible more often than the norm.  So let’s start lobbying for more of this.

Just my two cents for today.

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