Standing up to be counted – let’s raise our voices in unison

No one has ever said that standing up to be counted is easy.  In fact, I’ll go one step further and say that standing up to be counted can often be considered as painful, disappointing, and downright humiliating at times.

Painful because in so many cases when we stand up to be counted we are often ignored.

Disappointing because in so many cases we fail to achieve the results we desire.

Humiliating because there are those who prefer to bully us in order to get their way rather than taking us seriously.

For me, I shall always do my best to stand up to be counted.  I have been successful at times but on the other hand I am still awaiting success.  This however will not deter me from continuing to stand up to be counted.

I guess that one can say that standing up to be counted may still be one of the most affective ways to achieve results.  However it needs to be done constructively, professionally, and with discipline and at the appropriate time.

These variables are not easy to combine but we need to keep on trying.

Just my two cents for today.

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