Stand up Canada! Europe needs to be reminded

I normally do my best to avoid the political scene and politics but earlier this past week and the week before when it was widely publicized that the EU was considering blocking shipments of vaccines to countries such as Canada, I felt that I should express my thoughts and dismay.

Apparently, the EU has said that they would block those European based manufacturers from exporting previously agreed to shipments to countries such as Canada.  Something is not right here.

For whereas one cannot blame the EU for wanting to ensure that their citizens are all vaccinated, there is another side to this political fiasco.

Firstly, we are told that the EU only became involved in moving to vaccinate their citizens long after other countries started doing so.

Secondly, Canada paid for its vaccines and struck agreements with these European based manufacturers quite a while ago.

Thirdly, contracts and memorandums of  understanding were signed between these European based manufacturers and Canada months ago!  Long before the Eu became involved in wanting to vaccinate their citizens!

What ever happened to the honouring of signed contracts?

I always thought that the lessons from those horrific World Wars had taught us all that in order to survive, it would mean that it would be one for all and all for one!

In my humble and respectful opinion; the Eu may have either forgotten  this lesson or maybe they have conveniently had a lapse in memory!  Or call it selective memory?

Stand up Canada!  Time to remind the EU and the rest of the world that Canada played a vital role in saving the struggling Souls of Europe when they came calling and crying during those two World Wars!  Canada never hesitated!  They sacrificed thousands of their youthful soldiers to help save Europe!

They fought doggedly on those beaches across Europe to help save Europe!  They provided food, medical supplies, and whatever else was requested to help save Europe!

Now it is Europe’s turn to return the favour so to speak!

Canada needs you and you need to show selflessness, kindness, and generosity!

For after all!  It usually works both ways!

Please take politics out of this equation and put humanity in its place!

My two cents for today.

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