Some things never change – money still talks!

So what am I referring to for today?  It’s rather obvious if we were to take but a few seconds to consider.  In my humble opinion; it’s all about those with oodles of money and those who are privileged who honestly believe that they can use their position and money to either buy their way to the front of lines or those who believe that because of their positions in government they can have their cake and eat it too.

Let us take the first instance.  Now that the Covid vaccines are becoming more available, we are hearing that several celebrities are phoning doctors and offering to buy said vaccines or even more shameful and downright horrible; they are offering huge donations to hospitals in return to being given access to the vaccines.

This is shameful!  This is totally unacceptable!  And I say that if any of these spoiled rich brats are caught they should be placed at the back of the line.  Money should never be used to affect such horrific deeds.

In the same light, any doctor or any hospital found guilty engaging in such types of transactions should also be punished.  Take away the doctor’s license and penalize the hospital.

It is bad enough having to deal with those selfish ones who refuse to wear a mask who say that it is their constitutional right not to wear one!  They too should be placed at the back of the line if they have  the nerve to request a vaccine.

Now we come to those government ministers and officials and other party officials who keep preaching the do as I say but alas!  They are blatantly failing to follow their own words of advice.

They too should be placed at the back of the line when it comes to receiving the vaccine.  In addition, fire any of them who is caught violating international travel restrictions and place a very heavy fine on them.

This is the problem with the rich and famous and the privilege.  They continue to show rotten attitudes!  They continue to believe that their money and position can be used to get them whatever they desire!  In sort, they are selfish, self centered, spoiled, and will only use their dirty money to serve their desires.

This will probably never change so all that we can do is to call out the offenders whenever we have the evidence.  It simply pains me to see that in the case of persons with a disability we do not seem to be given any consideration or any priority.

Just my two cents for today.

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