Spotting the scams – very important for persons with disabilities

I believe that if we put our heads together and share the relevant information it would certainly for us to be able to push back on those scams and their scammer creators.  We must not give up; instead, we need to be able to spot them, ignore them, and immobilize them!

Remember now:  They attack by phone and by email and even dare to come to your door despite the Covid restrictions.  So please allow me to share some of my tips with you.

For the phone:

Ignore any automated call.

Ignore those calls asking for banking details.

Ignore those calls that tell you that your credit card has been disabled.

Ignore any call that when you answer your phone it takes a few seconds for the call to connect.

Ignore all overseas calls that are not familiar to you.

For emails:

Delete those emails that are written in poor English.

Delete emails with erroneous names of senders; a bunch of letters and numbers making up the sender’s name.

Delete emails that tell you that your email address has been frozen except if it is from your provider and even at best to call your provider.

Delete emails asking you to sign in and re-establish connection with your banking institution.

Delete emails that ask for your assistance in any way.

Delete emails with attachments from unknown senders.

Remember now!  Scammers are also not afraid to attack you via your cell phone.

Do not respond to any unknown texts or messages.

Finally, more sophisticated scammers are getting smart at using the names of your friends to try and encourage to fall for their scams; by phone, by email, and even by your i device.

Just my two cents for today.

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