Each time we rob our future

Each time we abuse our kids both mentally and physically it means that we are robbing our future.

Each time we commit acts of terrorism against our smiling and wide eyed little ones it also means that we are damaging and robbing our future.

Each time we snuff out the lives of innocent children this too means that we are depriving our future of natural growth.

How many times will we have to endure those horrible scenes of kids dead or dying in the arms of their parents as we recently saw in Syria?  Or parents screaming in agony as they discover that their precious little ones have been taken from them as we saw in Manchester, England oh too recently?

How long are these atrocities going to be allowed to continue?  For how much longer are we going to condone the limp excuses that these senseless killings are all being done in the name of a cause or reason that only those who carry out these acts understand?

I personally believe that we need to realize that we as adults are the selfish ones.  We put our desires and ourselves first!  We never think before we act!  It is always us first and darn the rest of the world!  We bully our kids and think nothing of it!  We behave in ways that do not even deserve comment, behaviour that only teaches our kids how to be just like us!

Each time a child dies it means that we have just deprived ourselves of one more bright star and each time we damage their tiny bodies and egos it means that our future has just been robbed of another possibility.

We need to start growing up and take responsibility for what we do, how we do it, why we do it, and when and where we do it.  Maybe it is we as adults who need to do some major growing up and not our kids!  I can only hope and pray that we start to grow up much more quickly than our kids because if we don’t and if we keep going down this path then we can only blame ourselves for the horrors that will some day soon overtake and overwhelm us!

Just my two cents for today!

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