Roots and home

I can confidently tell you that when it comes to my roots and my home; I sure know the difference and each has their own special place in my heart.

My roots reside in a tiny oil rich island in the Caribbean where I was born.  An island in the sun called Trinidad.  An island that I shall always be proud to call my roots because it was there that my roots began.  Where I received my early childhood education, my upbringing, and I was able to appreciate what I had and what others did not have.

I was just six years old and it was Christmas time and we were getting ready to wrap up classes before the Christmas vacation.  I shall always remember this specific day when I asked my little classmate Earl what he wanted for Christmas and in a very frank and honest little voice he responded “Christmas present!  I don’t know what that is!”

Earl’s words have tucked themselves away in my mind over the years and they are ones that I shall always remember every time I need to be reminded that there are less fortunate kids in this world who are still waiting to receive their first Christmas present.

Fast forward to the present and I am proud to say that my home is right here in Canada!  Ah yes!  Canada!  when I arrived in Montreal many moons ago to go to school.  Montreal!  Where I truly discovered who I was and what I wanted to do with my life!  Where I learned so much and did so much!  Where I acquired an appreciation for other cultures!

Montreal!  Where I discovered a whole new world when I received my first cornea and then made special friends forever.  Montreal!  Where my heart shall always be!  I attended the best universities and met some of the finest professors and students from around the world!

Now I live in Toronto; Canada’s largest city!  Where nothing waits for you but with all of this there are a lot of opportunities to fulfill your dreams and desires!  Toronto!  A city that never seems to sleep!  Where a huge salad bowl of cultures and languages await you and there is always something to do!

Ah yes!  My roots and my home!

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